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Mahindra within touching distance


Press Release

GP of Catalunya - Sunday race

5 June, 2011, Montmelo: Bad luck struck the Indian Mahindra team in today’s Catalunyan GP, when both
riders were involved in a first-corner traffic incident.

Danny Webb (20, from England) was knocked down and out of the race before even reaching the second
corner. Team-mate Marcel Schrötter (18, from Germany) was radically slowed by the same incident, and spent
the rest of the race trying to regain ground. He finished 16th, just one place out of the points.

It was a huge disappointment for the Mahindra team, the only one on the grid to make its own engine and
motorcycle, after a weekend that had shown growing strength.

The race started on a drying track but with damp patches after more rain overnight and in the morning. Some
other riders chose wet tyres, but both Mahindra riders chose treadless slicks, which turned out to be the right
choice as the sun broke through by race end.

Webb had qualified 14th and was confident of a good result. Instead he had a lonely walk back to the pits.
Schrötter was 20th on the grid, but had already made up several places when he was dropped back again,
finishing the first lap 21st. He climbed through to 15th, but grip problems meant he had lost one crucial place
by the end, missing the last championship point.

But the team could take many positives from the enhanced performance and reliability of the new engine, in its
fifth race. With the next race in just one week, at Silverstone in England, hopes remain high and confidence
continues to grow.

MARCEL SCHRÖTTER - 16th Position

I got a good start and I was behind Danny into the first corner. Then he crashed and I had to close the throttle.
Five or six people passed me right then. There were some damp patches so I was riding carefully, but then I
found a good rhythm and came through to 15th. In the second part of the race my rear tyre was sliding - we
had soft suspension settings for wet conditions. It was difficult to keep the line, and though I could see the
group ahead, I just couldn't catch up. No points, but still a good finish.


In the first corner, someone in front of me slowed right down and I had to close the throttle ... then I got hit from
behind. I can't say I'm not angry. We were on for a good result, but once again we had bad luck. I must have
done something really bad in a previous life. I'm really sorry for the team, because they worked really hard and
well this weekend. We deserve better, and I am sure we will get it.


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Images and content courtesy of Mahindra Racing