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Ducati's 2011 Colours Revealed

The Doctor and Team Mate Hayden Unveil the 2011 Bikes

Image of Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden at the 2011 team launch.

In Early January Ducati along with factory riders Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden revealed the 2011 bikes that they hope will earn Ducati a second Moto GP title and Rossi aka "the Doctor" an impressive 10th Moto GP title!

Unveiled alongside Ferrari at the Vroom event in the Italian ski resort of Madonna di Compiglio this was a much waited world first after all the speculation how Rossi's trademark yellow would work with the traditional red of Ducati.

Whilst Rossi had tested the Ducati in November he was at the time still contracted to Yamaha and so had to ride a plain black bike which still had his traditional yellow on there.

For this bike there has been a raft of changes primarily in the engine at the November testing Rossi rode 2 bike configurations one with a "Big Bang" engine and the other with a "Screamer" it is rumoured that Rossi preferred the "Screamer" when asked about the changes Filippo Prezioso said - " The major changes are in the engine. We have an evolution inside and outside the engine and the goal is to have a flatter and more favourable torque curve. So there is an extension of the interval between maximum torque and power, which will be broader than in the past."

The other big changes for 2011 come from a new chassis design to try and improve the bikes handling at the front end after both Hayden and former Ducati rider Casey Stoner (now at Repsol Honda) had repeated crashes after loosing feel for what the front end was doing resulting in a high number lowsides for both riders.

The second big difference coming from the new winglets at the front of the bodywork Preziosi had this to say on the new additions - "The goal now instead of decreasing drag is to improve the maximum speed and cut down on fuel consumption. And to reduce as much as possible the front lift of the bike so as to be able to give power without having the bike lift".

In line with this they have also looked heavily at the electronics with major upgrades being applied to the traction control and anti wheelie systems.

The next big test for the Ducati Riders will be in February at Sepang in Malaysia, and we will bring all the news and developments form here as the test progresses.

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Images courtesy of Ducati.