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HR Owen

Barcelona Test Day 3

Sunday 20th February 2011

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Driver :Pastor Maldonado
Chassis / engine : FW33-01 / CA321
Location Circuit de Catalunya, : Barcelona 4.655km
Objectives Setup work and mileage for Pastor Maldonado
Weather Wet and cloudy in the morning, dry and sunny in the afternoon
Ambient & track temps 14°C / 16°C

Sam Michael, Technical Director

The circuit was wet this morning, which meant the time was spent mainly on Pirelli Intermediate tyres. We had a problem with the alternator late morning that necessitated a change so most of our laps were completed in the afternoon session. We went through many systems checks while Pastor continued putting mileage on the FW33. Furthermore, we evaluated some setup directions to explore some different areas on the car aeromap.

Pastor Maldonado

It was a good day for us overall. This morning it was wet and we lost some time as I spun the car trying to judge the track conditions when it was quite slippery. After that we had a problem which lost us more time while the team fixed it. This afternoon was really good though and we put in some consistent times while trying different things in the car. Everything is running well and I am happy as I feel we have improved the car from Jerez.

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Images and content courtesy of AT&T Williams