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HR Owen

Racing - 2011

Fast, passionate, dangerous and emotional we all love it regardless of 2 wheels or 4, most of wish we could do it and we certainly have our favourite drivers or riders and teams. Here we will keep you updated on the latest racing from all the major racing series from around the world, from Superbikes to Moto GP to Rally to Touring Cars. If you think we have missed something then tell us.

Formula One

Grand Prix Racing Car

The biggest of the motorsport giants, F1 is the pinnacle of racing, developing new technologies that help shape the cars we drive today. F1 is not always about the fastest car or smoothest driver it demands dedication, focus and the desire to win not only from the teams and drivers but from the fans who build the atmosphere which no amount of technology can reproduce, if this is you then keep to date here on all the latest from the intense world that is F1.
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Off Road Rally Driving Car

Fast and dirty - Rallying takes the potential of a car in a completely different direction with handling and acceleration generating differential forces across uneven variable terrain, and often in the worst conditions that nature has to offer. From the deserts of Africa to the Welsh mountains every stage is unique and with it a truly unique set of complexities.

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Moto GP

Motorbike racing illustration

Moto GP is the premier motorbike racing event with 18 races across the world utilising the latest technology these 800cc machines will out accelerate and out brake just about anything on the planet!
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World Superbikes

Super Bike Slider

The Superbike world championship (SBK) or World Superbikes’ as it commonly known is the probably some of the most intense racing on the planet! Taking production motorbikes to new levels and faster than ever before this series is popular globally due to its large grids and 2 races per event.
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