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BIC announces Open Track Day

Greater Noida: Buddh International Circuit is pleased to announce the ‘BIC Time Trial’ (Open track day) for general public on March 10, 2013. The open track day, at one of the world’s best F1 circuit, will give speed fanatics a chance to test their driving skills in the safest and controlled environment.

The track day will be open to all categories of bike and car owners and the only criteria to reserve a seat for a speed enthusiast is to have a valid driving license.

One will have the following options to choose from:

S No Vehicle Mode Options (1 session = 60 mins) Registration fee (INR)
1 Car 1 session Rs. 4000
sessions* Rs. 12000
2 Bike 1 session Rs. 3000
3 sessions* Rs. 9000

*On Booking of three sessions, the fourth session will be complimentary (limited period offer)

Moreover, speed lovers can also enjoy ‘Taxi Rides’ in Mercedes SLS (Twin seater) and Mercedes C, E & ML Class from certified circuit drivers at a cost of Rs 7500 and Rs 1500 per person respectively.

Prior to taking their vehicles out on the track, each car or motorbike will be first assessed by track officials. There will then be a safety briefing facilitated by BIC's highly qualified professional driving instructors to discuss the rules, safety, driving techniques, circuit information and handling emergency situations while out on the tarmac.


Content and images courtesy of Buddh International Circuit and JPSI Sports