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HR Owen


Check here often for all the latest motoring news from small economical town car to the latest super car. If it is road legal you can find out more here.

For the bikers amongst you we will also be keeping you up to date on all the latest superbikes, roadsters, naked street fighters and modern day classics.



Desirable, fast, exotic we can on and on but ultimately regardless of whether you own one, want one, love them or hate them they have a class and appeal that no one can deny. Follow us here to be kept up to date on all the latest from the supercar world.
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Ducatti Street Fighter

A long term symbol of freedom from the bad-boy rebel of the 60’s to Steve McQueens legendary jump in “The Great Escape”. From your practical commuter to hyper bikes like the Hyabusa for many they are a way of life and the ultimate expression, if this is you then read here to immerse yourself in the world of 2 wheels.
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Luxury Cars

Rolls Royce

Luxury cars mean comfort, they mean prestige and they mean travelling in style and panache. Unlike a Supercar you feel the need to enjoy the drive cruise the motorway and leave your worries behind. If you’re a luxury driver then check out all the latest news on Luxury Cars here.
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From the films of "the fast and the furious" to simply reflecting your personality custom vehicles have all been a talking point by the owners, the people who see them and possibly the police! Either way 2 wheels or 4 if you have customised your vehicle we want to know about it.
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