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Toyota Rav4 – The Evolution of the Perfect Crossover

When the Toyota Rav4 first came out it seemed to be a little bit lost falling uncomfortably between the worlds of the van/pick up truck and estate car.  The Rav4 made its debut in Japan and Europe in 1994 and in North America in 1995. To a certain extent, it was the first ahead of its

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Net Granny Software Needed!

On a very ordinary morning I was sitting in my usual traffic jam when I received a panicked phone call from my 65 year old mother announcing that she was going to be arrested. (Before you have me arrested for speaking on the phone while driving, I drive a Lexus IS, which has an inbuilt

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Trademark and Copyright Infringements, Fakes or Just ‘look-a-like’?

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s nearly Christmas. The time of year when the news media go into a frenzy warning the public about “fake” products. Children’s toys which fall apart, hair dryers which blow up and headphones which my look like Dr Dre’s but sound like the static from a 1960’s TV. In

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Preparing your car for winter

Autumn has sprung upon us in all its kaleidoscope of colours. Beautiful reds, oranges and yellows of every shade adorn our woodlands and hedgerows. The leaves are on the turn which heralds winter is only just around the corner and with the change in season comes the change in weather. This week has seen the

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