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Author Archives: Indian Motorsports

Japan has suddenly become angry!

Ok, now I have your attention, of course I am talking cars. In the past 5 years the big international car brands, Lexus, Nissan, and Mazda have carved out completely new looks for their entire range of vehicles, a look which is meaner, angrier and more stylised than ever before. These new noses and grills

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Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo!

It is, almost certainly, the world’s most famous love story of all time. Romeo and Juliette, or Giulietta in Italian. You can see where I am going with this, can’t you? There is something about a Romeo, or to be precise an Alfa Romeo that makes you fall in automotive love. In most big cities

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SUV in India – The Bargains and the Beauties

If you were to roll back time to about 15 years ago and your choice of SUV/4X4 was very limited. There was Mahindra, Jeep or Land Rover and that was pretty much it. If you were better off then Land Rover had their up market offering, the Range Rover, but it was basically, then as

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Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Rumour Mill

The Frankfurt Motor Show is about the open its doors and the teaser campaigns are out in force.  Below is a roundup of the new supercars, sports cars and sporty SUVs which our inside contacts have hinted at being reviled. In terms of prestige, Frankfurt sits alongside Geneva, Dubai and Paris as one of the biggest motor shows in the

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